Local wind-participation model

Local participation in wind farms

Village with wind turbines in the background. The local wind-participation model allows local authorities to participate in local wind farms.

To make the energy transition a success, towns and local communities will have to change their infrastructure, install renewable power generators and convince the local population of the efficacy of doing so. innogy offers innovative concepts and solutions for local authorities to become energy suppliers themselves. With modular concept designed specifically to address this need, innogy has created numerous options for local participation in renewables. With these local participation models, the extent and form of participation can be adapted to the particular needs of the local community.

In the case of the wind-participation model, for instance, local authorities have the chance to join forces with innogy and participate in local wind farms.

Königshovener Höhe wind farm

Bedburg in North Rhine-Westphalia chose to go down that road and set up a project company with innogy to erect the “Königshovener Höhe” wind farm. Investment and operation of the wind farm is now handled by that joint-venture company.

Local community benefits from participation

  • Added value for the community
  • Share in the success of the farm
  • Contribution to climate change mitigation and energy transition
  • Individual forms of participation
  • Opportunity to involve local residents
  • Local participation in a regional, environmentally sound investment
  • Increased local acceptance of energy infrastructure

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