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Photovoltaic system, a leasing offer for your local authority

A community member beside a leased photovoltaic plant.

Holzwickede leases photovoltaic plant

Local grammar school, Clara-Schumann-Gymnasium and secondary comprehensive Josef-Reding-Hauptschule are able to cover part of their electricity needs with renewables. On the roof of the grammar school a photovoltaic (PV) plant was installed by innogy in the space of a month.

The PV plant is an example of a new product innogy now offers its municipal partners. innogy plans and installs PV plants for the municipal authority and then leases them for an initial period of 18 years. The Holzwickede community has also signed a lease with innogy for that length of time.

The photovoltaic plant installed within the Holzwickede school complex covers 20 percent of the electricity needs of Clara-Schumann-Gymnasium and Josef-Reding-Hauptschule.

The PV plant was specifically designed to fit the roof of the school in order to achieve the best possible solar power yield. The 444 modules with a total capacity of 109 kilowatts at peak load are designed to generate around 93,000 kilowatt hours of electricity annually. The school complex of Clara-Schumann-Gymnasium and Josef-Reding-Schule consumes around 460,000 kilowatts of electricity a year. This means that in future the complex will be able to cover around 20 percent of its electricity needs with renewable power.

Two large displays in the foyer of the grammar school and the comprehensive secondary school give students a good illustration of how the PV plant produces electricity for the complex.

Advantages for your municipality

  • New energy transition product for municipalities
  • The solar power generated is used by the school complex
  • 20 of the centre’s electricity needs can be covered by the plant on the roof of the Holzwickede school complex

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