Solar-potential register

Service to maximise roof-top solar power generation

Bird’s-eye view: the solar-potential roof register provides municipal authorities with information about the suitability of local roofs for solar power generation.

Discover solar-potential

innogy offers local bodies a solar-potential roof register as a service tool for local residents. This allows house owners to find out which roofs are suitable for solar power generation by consulting their regional solar-potential register.

A 3-D landscape is used to compile a city’s solar-potential register. The register indicates the annual solar power available from each roof surface. To do this, the roof locations are analysed in detail and precise calculations made to determine their exact solar power potential. In addition, the register provides information about everything from CO2 savings to investment and economic efficiency estimates.

The local authority is able to publish the solar-potential register online, so it is accessible to local residents. It can either be uploaded as a simple solution incorporated on an existing municipal website or expanded to include interactive maps. Residents can search a digital map for specific information by entering address details like their street name and house number. Colour-coded suitability markings are displayed on the map to indicate the solar power potential of each roof.

  • CO2 savings per roof
  • Energy generated per roof
  • Estimated investment
  • Economic efficiency factor

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