Reduced energy consumption with LED technology

LED street lighting for municipalities

View of Cologne at night: LED lighting saves energy and is durable.

When it comes to street lighting both emotional aspects and reason play important roles: on the one hand, well-lit streets offer safety; on the other hand energy consumption and maintenance drive operating costs. LED street lighting can free up great savings potential without making concessions in terms of safety, because the use of light emitting diodes reduces electricity consumption and thus CO2 emissions. Moreover LED lights are durable, require little maintenance, are significantly brighter and the light can be directed more precisely than conventional street lamps. As part of a wide-ranging efficiency programme, innogy has already implemented LED street lighting projects in 170 municipalities. The result: in excess of 2,050,000 kilowatt hours of electricity are saved annually which equates to a reduction in CO2 emissions of 1,300 tonnes.

The town hall of a small German town early in the evening: local authorities are important partners for innogy. The exchange takes place via

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