Street lighting in municipalities

Installation, modernisation, maintenance and operation

View over Freudenberg: the old half-timbered houses are lit up by street lights.

Complete service: innogy offers comprehensive street lighting service solutions for local authorities. From innovative technology like charging electric vehicles at lamp posts via a variety of financing models to state-of-the-art management systems, we ensure a service solution that is tailored to your needs. We advise on public funding options for individual street lighting projects and provide support with expertise in the field of energy technology and our experienced installation experts. There are various options for collaboration on the municipal level – independent of a concession agreement.

  1. innogy takes ownership of the street lighting system and manages it in line with the private-public partnership agreement.
  2. The services to be provided by innogy are laid down in a service and/or works contract: from maintenance via operation to modernisation.
  3. innogy can also provide consulting services only, for example analyses or savings potential calculations.

LED street light in Essen’s Grugapark: innogy supports local authorities in switching over to energy-efficient street lighting.

Less electricity, more light!

Saving options with street lighting.

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The town hall of a small German town early in the evening: local authorities are important partners for innogy. The exchange takes place via

e-kommune: in dialogue with local authorities

Collectively better informed.

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