Efficient street lighting pays

innogy supports modification and upgrade

LED street light in Essen’s Grugapark: innogy supports local authorities in switching over to energy-efficient street lighting.

Good street lighting does not just ensure public safety; it also shapes the image of a municipality. But installation, maintenance, operation or upgrades of lighting systems are costly for local authorities. On average approximately seven per cent of the overall electricity consumption of a municipality is due to street lighting. The technology is often quite old and the systems consume more electricity than necessary. By upgrading the systems to a more energy-efficient technology, the annual energy consumption of your municipality can be reduced significantly: by up to 30 per cent with conventional technology, by up to 60 per cent when upgrading to LED lights. Lighting control, choice of lamp type or ballast: we are happy to advise you on saving options and to develop tailored solutions for your needs.

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