Street lights with charging points

Street light pole as electricity source

Helmut Grawe, innogy street lighting project manager, and Dr. Silke Katharina Berger, innogy Head of Products for Local Authorities, in front of an innogy street light with charging point

innogy and its partners do not just drive electric mobility but also innovative solutions: in 2016 innogy commissioned the first charging point that uses a street lighting pole as electricity source in the town of Hamminkeln (North Rhine-Westphalia). The street light is equipped with a system socket. The electricity flows from the existing low-voltage grid and can charge any electric vehicle. A “smart cable” is required for charging. It contains the technology for controlling the entire charging process from approval for charging and consumption metering to transmission of consumption data and invoicing. A complete charging process for a car parked at a street light takes approximately five hours. In this way parking times can be used efficiently.