Solutions for the municipal water sector

Drinking water reservoir: innogy offers municipalities support and collaboration programmes for all kinds of water industry support services.

The various branches of the municipal water and wastewater industry encompass a high degree of in many cases untapped energy potential. An audit of municipal infrastructure within the water and wastewater sector to establish the energy-saving, energy-generating and energy-utilisation potential often throws up a wide range of options to maximise existing resources. As well as identifying municipal cost-saving potential, specific measures for implementation of modern “water and energy projects” are increasingly becoming the focus of public attention and should not be underestimated.

We at innogy offer our municipal partners collaboration programmes for comprehensive water industry support services specifically designed to address such issues.

Whether it is a matter of identifying individual measures for saving power or investigating complex energy utilisation concepts with the option of starting up a joint venture company between a municipality and innogy, depends on each individual case and is jointly considered and determined in close consultation with you before any action is taken.

The current main focus of our energy-efficient products is on both water supply (waterworks, pump stations and water storage facilities) and wastewater disposal, with an emphasis on the key themes of sewage disposal and wastewater treatment. A further key focus area for us is the complex issue of sewage sludge recycling.

In addition, we help you devise professional solutions to meet any special, individual challenges you may face.

Energy-efficient products

When it comes to finding Water and Energy solutions, we have the following energy-efficient products to offer you:

  • Energy efficiency analysis for the water industry
  • Water industry energy concepts
  • Heat recovery from wastewater
  • Intelligent sewage sludge recycling

The energy efficiency and cost effectiveness of our joint measures is the key focus in every case. Relieving the burden on the municipal budget as well as improving the public image of the local authority by implementing innovative and energy-efficient measures is the basis of our collaborative work with municipal partners.

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