We’re advancing digitalisation

Cooperation of innogy SE and Deutsche Telekom AG to roll-out boardband internet access

Digitalisation plays a key role – especially in rural areas.

The future is digital. And digitalisation needs broadband networks. Now innogy and Deutsche Telekom are working together to promote and accelerate the broadband network expansion.

The expansion of the broadband network is still lagging in Germany. The federal government’s target is for all households to have access to bandwidths of at least 50 megabits per second by 2018. To ensure that the necessary expansion of the broadband network is completed in time, innogy and Deutsche Telekom have signed a cooperation agreement. The duration of this agreement is to be at least ten years.

In rural regions in particular, innogy will make sure that people get connected to the internet – in many cases the data cables were installed at the same time as the new electricity cables. innogy and Deutsche Telekom estimate a market potential of up to one million people in total, all of whom will be able to benefit from their joint effort to advance broadband internet connections over the next few years.

Customers will still be able to choose their providers – innogy will continue to make its broadband networks available to other providers through open access technology. innogy will also continue to offer its own internet service, “innogy Highspeed”.

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