Better storage for more power

innogy is researching innovative energy storage solutions

A chipmunk sits on the ground with its cheeks stuffed full of nuts.
re is a wide range of storage solutions to choose from – energy storage systems enable you to use electricity when you need it

The energy system is in the midst of a transition – and the process is happening faster than most people realise. The share of renewable energy of the total electricity produced in Germany already amounts to around one third of the energy mix. This means that wind and solar power are now the most important energy sources after coal. The Federal Government plans to continue to expand this share: by 2035, 55 to 60 per cent of all electricity is to be generated from renewable sources.

In order for these plans to become reality, however, more is needed than just the expansion of power plants for renewable energy. Because the availability of solar and wind power varies according to the weather, storage technology is becoming more and more important. Efficient storage solutions are essential because these enable us to use the electricity from renewable sources even if there are shortages in the electricity supply caused by factors such as a lack of wind or sun.

innogy is one of the leading companies researching this field and is involved in the development of numerous technologies. Below, we introduce some of the most promising storage solutions, some of which you could even use in your own home.

Diagram showing the processes involved in the conversion of electricity to gas
Flow chart of energy conversion using the power-to-gas process

A grey storage battery produced by Mercedes-Benz (with the distinctive Mercedes logo), photographed from above
innogy and Mercedes-Benz collaborate in the field of storage technology – now you can store your solar energy in the convenience of your own home.

A white container with the inscription “Energy Buffer Unit EBU”
A large storage battery as part of the Belectric project sponsored by innogy

A black electric vehicle at one of innogy’s white charging stations
Electric vehicles as storage batteries

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