Green and independent thanks to new technology

Two start-up founders offer new options

Julia Lynch-Williams and Christian Ohlms: The start-up “Shine” is providing new options for power consumers.

The future in a box

Many power customers would like to use green, locally generated energy and not have to rely on large, central power plants. The innovative technology of the start-up company, Shine, is designed to make this vision a reality. Its two managing directors, Julia Lynch-Williams and Christian Ohlms, want to turn the energy market on its head – with innogy helping them gain a foothold in the market. “We asked customers what they wanted from their power,” says Ohlms. “They want independence and 'green, locally-produced energy'. That’s where we come in.”

Customers of Shine generate their own power from solar panels, have a micro co-generation plant in the basement and want to make the best possible use of everything they produce. “We have the means to help them do that,” says Lynch-Williams. The basic product: a box to control energy consumption.

The box was developed with the help of RWE Metering. Mounted on the power meter, the software learns the customer’s habits in order to control power production and consumption in the most sensible way. Any excess energy, for instance, can be stored for the purpose of hot water heating.

Shine inherited its first customers as a start-up from “Easy Optimize” which used to form part of RWE Effizienz. This background comes with some benefits says Ohlms, “We have the necessary software, we have the hardware and we can offer the infrastructure for energy trading with one another.”

The two entrepreneurs want the company to advance at a rapid pace. Their vision is for many power producers and green energy lovers to form local communities. “So household A could then sell their power to family B,” says Ohlms. With this box for the future, these entrepreneurs are right on trend. “We already have over a million solar plants on the roofs of private households in Germany,” says Lynch-Williams, “and the trend is rising. That’s why I believe in our vision.”

Julia Lynch-Williams
Many consumers want independence and the ability to use green, locally-generated produced energy.
Julia Lynch-Williams

“Shine” – a start-up with some history:

“Shine” is the name of the start-up with its range of products and services. The company name is Easy Optimize GmbH. The software for the control box was developed by the Dutch company HOMA. RWE acquired Homa in 2015. Employees of the former RWE Effizienz, RWE AG and Innovation Hub founded Easy Optimize. The company works in both the regulated metering business and in the non-regulated retail business. The products and services of Shine are limited to Germany.

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