Energy efficiency

A woman smiles while getting out of her car. The innogy energy efficiency team is working on ground-breaking energy products.
The innogy energy efficiency team drives innovative solutions in electric mobility.

Our team: Smart. Mobile. #PIONIERGEIST

We at innogy want to shape a more sustainable and future-proof energy supply. To us this means: consistent expansion and efficient use of renewable energies. We are looking for committed team players to achieve these objectives. People who get stuck in, unconventionally and with #PIONIERGEIST. The best solution, rather than the easiest, will win. We will only create it if we work together. So in the energy efficiency team we all work hand in hand. From engineers and IT specialists in product development to our sales professionals.

We are a leading player in terms of efficiency. We have developed state-of-the-art products in the areas of home heating, solar storage and solar panels. We are leading the way in electric mobility and in the SmartHome sector. Why? Because people like you always want that extra bit and are always a step ahead. You’re certainly curious. What are you waiting for? Find the right job in our career portal!

Electric horsepower

A smiling driver looks out of the car window.

What is a pioneer? The pioneer does not choose the well-trodden path, but always comes up with new ideas, on a large scale. We at innogy see ourselves as pioneers in electric mobility. Rightly so: because we have become the largest provider and operator of charging infrastructure.

Thousands of charging points are already used by private customers, companies and in the public sector. Because we are global players: many charging points are networked Europe-wide through a uniform IT system.

Electric mobility will gradually dominate private and public transport and the movement of goods. To get there we need visionaries. People who are bursting with ideas and move us forward with surprising solutions. That sounds like you!

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My home is smart

A mother sits on a window sill holding her small child who looks out the window. Relaxed with innogy SmartHome.

The energy transition now affects even the smallest aspects of society. One thing has not changed for most people: "My home is my castle". Therefore, we have developed clever solutions for saving energy with our SmartHome products. And we also offer tools for more security and comfort in the home as part of our SmartHome packages.

With your #PIONIERGEIST and expertise you will develop our SmartHome solutions together with your team. You have already noticed: our team is full of dynamic energy. Here you can think freely, laterally and outside the box. Regardless of whether sales or product development is your chosen field. If you are passionate about smart energy management then you will fit right in.


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