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A man and a woman analyse a report on a laptop: innogy wants consultants with #PIONIERGEIST.
Our in-house consulting firm plays a key role in helping to ensure the success of innogy.

Your #PIONIERGEIST – our success!

To achieve great things you must start off small! innogy drives the energy transition forward. This requires a targeted internal strategy. Since you as an in-house consultant will know the company inside out, you'll be able to use your #PIONIERGEIST and verve to full effect. Hardly anyone outside the core team is closer to the projects than you'll be as a consultant. The colleagues will cherish your creative solutions based on your sharp analytical skills. With us you can make an impact and help shape things. When will we meet?

In-house consulting – pioneer and sparring partner

innogy is working on the intelligent energy supply of tomorrow. Therefore, we constantly create innovative and exciting projects. Pioneers are found everywhere at innogy. Even where one might not necessarily expect them: as an in-house consultant at innogy you'll be visionary and trailblazer for sustainable innovations. You'll provide strategic support during the roll-out of new projects ­– as part of the team, together with management. Example smart meter: innogy installs these intelligent devices at the customers' premises. As a member of the project management team you will ensure that deadlines are kept and costs stay within budget. As an energy professional you know, of course, how these meters work and you are able to explain this to others.


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