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The in-house consulting company at innogy plays a key role in helping to ensure the success of the new company. Working with us, you have the opportunity to help shape the energy transition. Your clients are also your colleagues, so the level of excellence of the in-house consultancy will be measured based on project success.

As an employee of the innogy consultancy, you will become a company insider, and you will take on a challenge that will demand a lot from you in terms of your methodological, analytical, operational and intellectual capacities. You will have the unique opportunity to help shape the transformation of an entire sector and you can use your personal success in this as a springboard for your further career.

Sample project:

Expertise in roll-out of Smart Meter

In order to improve transparency and efficiency, an EU directive has envisioned the introduction of smart electricity meters and measurement systems by the year 2020. The smart meters digitally calculate household electricity consumption ensuring more transparency with regard to consumption. Customers who would like to use a smart metering system can do much more than simply read their consumption data – they can also identify and benefit from potential energy savings. innogy wants to help shape these trends and will offer its customers from 2017 onwards a large volume of smart meters and smart measurement systems.

In-house Consulting as a strategic sparring partner

As employees of the innogy consultancy, our consultants work together with management on the strategic tasks related to the roll-out. In order to efficiently implement nationwide expansion and seamless operations, they act as project managers and also have to keep track of the timeline. In addition, our consultants work on developing training content, calculate HR requirements and have to know how the Smart Meters function – also when it comes to data protection and security.

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innogy Consulting

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