Renewable energy

An innogy employee climbs the ladder of an offshore wind turbine. The background shows the wind farm.
Employees in the renewable energy team work on interesting projects and in unusual locations.

Off into a green future with #PIONIERGEIST

innogy sets examples. We see ourselves as pioneers for the energy supply of the future. Our goal: a sustainable energy system that leaves an environment worth living in for future generations. The basis is energy from renewable sources. We need you on our team to get there!

We have already achieved a lot in expanding wind energy – onshore as well as offshore. But we still have big plans. You have a passion for energy topics. You love building up projects from conception to delivery. Problems do not stop you in your tracks but are the fuel that drives you. You think outside the box when it comes to those tricky tasks and you surprise your colleagues with unusual solutions. 

Onshore or offshore. We offer a wide range of roles.

Six wind turbines in innogy's Königshovener Höhe onshore wind farm.

Königshovener Höhe wind farm shows what we mean by pioneering work: a modern wind farm with 21 turbines has been created where once lignite was mined. It is jointly operated by the town of Bedburg and innogy.

Wind farms in the open sea guarantee a higher wind yield compared to those on land. However, the challenges for people and material are far greater. Out there we are facing the raw forces of nature. But that won't hold back real pioneers, of course.

Currently we are constructing the Galloper wind farm off the Suffolk coast. It is planned to start operation in 2018. Our experience from existing wind farms in the North Sea and the Atlantic is helping us enormously with the construction. Join the adventure and become our newest colleague!

With us you can be a real pioneer. There is no shortage of suitable areas of activity and diverse career prospects.

As an engineer you will, for example, monitor complex electrical systems and service and improve the different installations. Or you can demonstrate your vision in planning projects. With the transfer and storage of offshore wind turbines, on the other hand, you'll need to use your instinct and find suitable ports. And then develop the relevant concepts.


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