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A young woman examines two small cogs against the light. She works in research and development at innogy.
innogy research and development for a climate-friendly and intelligent energy supply.

Smart tasks with #PIONIERGEIST

Three terms that go hand in hand: #PIONIERGEIST, research and technology. This requires passion. innogy developers are "pioneers by nature". We are intensely working on the energy supply of tomorrow – and we are developing new technologies in the process. We set up exciting projects to prove these technologies: with Smart Operator, for example, we test distributed grid control. Or we use our newly developed wind measuring buoys to determine the best conditions for building new wind farms.

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Smart Operator – control centre for flexible distribution grids

An innogy employee holds up a box-shaped smart operator. In the background: a distribution transformer.

Focus smart grids: we develop new concepts and technologies for flexible and high-performance distribution grids. One example is the Smart Operator. Approximately the size of a paperback book, it acts as the switching point between households and the local distribution grid. It continuously monitors electricity supply and demand, balances the two and maintains voltage quality. #PIONIERGEIST for intelligent distribution grids!

Innovative wind measuring buoys for more efficient wind parks

Five wind turbines in the open sea in innogy's offshore wind farm Gwynt y Môr.

 #PIONIERGEIST is building the new technology to make wind more predictable. That's the motto for the buoys of the Offshore Wind Accelerator initiative. Our Offshore Wind division has a stake in this project. The smart measuring buoys are located off the Welsh coast in the Gwynt y Môr wind farm and other sites. The buoys, equipped with cutting-edge technology, accurately capture local wind conditions. Better measuring instruments, better yields, more green electricity.


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