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Areas of activity

Portrait Stephanie Müller

Retail and energy efficiency

Stephanie Müller
Freistuhl 7
44137 Dortmund

T+49 231 438-4708
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Portrait Wilfried Fourné


Wilfried Fourné
Kruppstraße 5
45128 Essen

+49 201 12-24055
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Portrait Andre Erkens

Renewable energy

Andre Erkens
Gildehofstr. 1
45127 Essen
T +49 201 12-14658
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Portrait Nina Korte

innogy Consulting

Nina Korte
Lysegang 11
45139 Essen

T +49 201 81-33327
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Trainee programmes

Portrait of Dr. Silke Ondrusch

IT group graduate programme

Dr. Silke Ondrusch
Kruppstr. 5
45128 Essen

+49 201 12-22266
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Portrait Susan Rohr

enviaM trainee programme

Susan Rohr
Forsterstr. 53
06112 Halle
+49 345 216 3835
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Portrait Rebbekah McVittie

npower trainee programme (UK)

Rebekah McVittie
Windmill Hill Business Park
Swindon, SN5 6PB
+44 786737066
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Portrait Marta Borsovska

VSD Slovensko trainee programme

Marta Borsovska
Mlynská 31
04001 Kosice
Slovenska republika
T +42 1556102622
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Portrait Martina Dominiak


Martina Dominiak
Friedrichstr. 60
57072 Siegen
T +49 271 584 2425
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Portrait Nina Daweke

International graduate programme

Nina Daweke
Kruppstr. 5
45128 Essen
T +49 201 12 20969
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Portrait Silke Mattheiß

Süwag trainee programme

Silke Mattheiß
Schützenbleiche 9-11
65929 Frankfurt am Main
T +49 69 3107 1325
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Secondary-level students and students

Norbert Enste

Entry-level qualification "I can do it!"

Norbert Enste
Wintroper Weg 31
59821 Arnsberg
T +49 2931 84-2144
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Vocational training and dual system studies

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Portrait Wilfried Fourné

innogy's Fellows and university dialogue

Wilfried Fourné
Kruppstraße 5
45128 Essen
+49 201 12-24055
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