enviaM trainee programme

An innogy trainee examines a cube in his office.
With our individually tailored trainee programme in the Grid & Retail division, graduates can specialise at an early stage.

For pros with #PIONIERGEIST

With us, not only will you have the courage to jump in in at the deep end, we’ll also help you to start swimming right away. As a trainee you will take on concrete tasks from the outset and you’ll be an integral part of a team. And not just with any company, but with the regional electricity and gas utility in eastern Germany.


Our trainee programme is geared towards the Grid & Retail division grid and retail sectors. However, the concept is not rigid – it can and should be flexibly adapted to suit your needs. After all, you cannot pigeon-hole a pioneer.

Another big plus: as a trainee you will be in one department from the start. You’ll have plenty of scope to develop your own ideas in a field that fascinates you. In addition, you’ll move around different locations in the entire enviaM grid area. There, you’ll have the opportunity to gain an insight into different topic areas and departments for several weeks at a time. You’ll also get to meet other highly motivated employees during special trainee projects and seminars. Your experienced mentor will accompany you throughout the programme.


At trainee information days and meetings, you will be able to share your experiences with like-minded people. In this way you will get to know the entire company group in a short period of time and you can build your own personal network.

Experience report

Maria Schmelzer

M.Sc., Business Management

What has been the highlight of your trainee programme so far?

Working on the change project is the highlight of my time as a trainee so far. As a trainee, I cannot confirm the preconception that one has to prove oneself in the job straight away as a direct entrant.

Please give us some more details. What is the quintessence?

15 minutes after starting on my first day I was already in the middle of a telephone conference and just a week later I discussed the status of our change programme with executives and the CHO – it could hardly have been more direct!

In addition to gaining experience in project management I had the opportunity to learn the methods and tools of change management, of how to support employees in times of change. I drew up my own programme schedule according to my own ideas and the direction I have chosen for my development. By participating in special events and seminars for trainees, it is possible to perfectly interlink theory and practice and to meet other trainees. During that time I learned more about myself and I was able to develop professionally and personally – not least thanks to my mentor.

What is your personal advice to other applicants for this programme?

Make sure to get a comprehensive overview of topics and projects of your division at the start and then set the focal points for your individual programme. In this way you will have the opportunity to work on exciting projects and you'll make the most of your time as a trainee.

Facts and figures

Number of places as required

24 months

Number of projects/stations customised programme, individually selected stations
Programme start date Flexible
Application procedure

1. application by e-mail or by post

2. personal interview


- above average exam results

- international outlook and cultural awareness

- strong focus on results and excellent analytic skills

- a high degree of self-initiative and team spirit

- good command of English and German


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