innogy group graduate programme

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With its trainee programme innogy offers graduates of different courses a fitting start to their career.

Career start with business factor

The first step is completed. You’ve graduated and are ready to start your career. As trainees with innogy group graduate programme graduates have an opportunity to start their professional life immediately. Why it’s special? You can gain as much experience in 18 months as others do in three years. 

To make sure this happens, you’ll be placed in up to five departments for three to six months each throughout the trainee programme. Your first stop will be in the department of your personal mentor and after that you can choose your further departments by yourself. 
Furthermore you will learn new skills outside your subject area. For example, how business communication works. Or what makes for good networking.

Since we want to foster your #PIONIERGEIST, we will also integrate you into other departments in addition to your professional qualifications: a deployment station at one of our European locations is planned as well as getting to know our working culture. And you will, of course, also acquire fundamental knowledge about the energy industry. You will experience these in our onboarding “Welcome@innogy” as well as in comprehensive network events with other trainees of our company.

A senior mentor will guide you throughout the trainee programme. This mentor will help you to find the tasks that are best suited to your skills and will meet your expectations.

You want to know which study fits best to our different programmes? Please find an overview here.

Facts and figures

Duration 18 months
Number of projects/stations 4 to 5 different stations
Programme start date 1. October 2018
Application procedure

1. online-application

2. online-test and phone interview

3. assessment centre

Location first station in Germany, further stations Europa-wide


  • above average exam results in relevant field of study (degree Bachelor, Master or higher)
  • internships in Germany and abroad
  • very good command of English and German


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Experience reports

Lukas van Marwik

Financial Graduate Programme

What was the highlight of the trainee programme for you so far?

Our two induction days when we got to know all other Group Graduate Trainees and gained an insight into the next 18 months in workshops and coaching elements were definitely a highlight. 

Please can you give us more details? What is the quintessence?

Contact with other trainees simplifies starting work at the innogy Group immensely because the same questions often come up and people can help each other out. At the start we got an overview of the various opportunities for professional and personal advancement that the Group Graduate Programme offers. The two induction days provide a great framework for entry into the programme and motivated me to get started in my first area of assignment.

What advice would you give to applicants to the programme?

Think carefully about why a trainee programme geared towards a particular field is the right thing for you. In the application present what topics interest you in the programme and try not to pretend. An honest self-assessment and presentation of your motivation are important in the Assessment Centre in order to deliver a strong performance.

FAQ - innogy Group Graduate Programme