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A young woman is pleased and looks upward: she has been accepted into innogy's graduate programme.
The international graduate programme: for graduates with little professional experience but plenty of #PIONIERGEIST

Worldwide learning with #PIONIERGEIST

This trainee programme is the stepping stone to a successful career for the best university graduates in Europe. True pioneers cut their own paths. It is for them that we’ve created the international graduate programme. Here, we give innovators and free thinkers the space they need to thrive. This especially benefits graduates who have little professional experience, but are determined to quickly learn a multitude of new skills.

And this is how it works: as a participant in the programme you will pass through different stations worldwide. You’ll find your own projects and pursue your own targets. Your personal mentor will accompany you for the entire duration of the programme and provide help and advice when you need it, from the initial idea to the finishing touches.
To give you the best possible start we’ll organise the first stage together with you. You decide what happens next.
As a pioneer you want to see results. Therefore your projects should be completed within approximately three months. How you get there is up to you.
To make sure you can keep track of your progress at all times, we’ll write down your targets at the start and evaluate your results together with you when the project is complete.
You have top marks and are already bursting with ideas? Then why not apply for our international graduate programme?

Experience reports

Christopher Rammelt

Business Administration and Engineering - Energy and Commodity Management

What has been the highlight of your trainee programme so far?

The IGP itself, with the unique personal and professional development opportunities it provides. I was able to decide the schedule of the programme myself.

Please give us some more details. What is the quintessence?

Personal development: the IGP enabled me to work on my strengths and weaknesses. In particular, coaching and mentoring as well as the support from the programme coordinators are incredibly helpful.

Technical / professional development: The different project stations and tasks allow me to expand my specialised knowledge and to get more than just a brief glimpse into other divisions. To date, during my first project I was able to gain experience in change and lean management and, with my current project, in sales and business development.

Experiences: I am only in my second project now, but I have already got to know different ways of working. It can be a challenge to absorb all of this, but it's also fun. Especially when it comes to finding my own style.

Networking: IGP is the best way to meet colleagues and managers from different divisions and to build my own network.

What is your personal advice to other applicants for this programme?

Look at the programme as a booster for your personal and professional development, not just as a pure career driver!

Wiebke Albers

Business Administration and Engineering, specialisation in Electrical Power Engineering

What has been the highlight of your trainee programme so far? 

My personal highlight of the IGP is that it provides exceptional opportunities for shaping my own future within innogy SE.

Please give us some more details. What is the quintessence? 

I can very easily explain my personal highlight by using the three terms that make up the name of the international graduate programme:

International: The IGP provides me with an excellent opportunity for meeting people from all over Europe and working with them, living abroad for a while and in this way building a personal, international network within innogy SE. This allows me also to gain a better understanding of different perspectives on energy industry topics as well as for cultural differences within innogy SE.

Graduate: As an IGP participant I have the fantastic opportunity to learn plenty of new things every day and to gain a wealth of experience. Also, I am always given opportunities to contribute my own ideas. In addition, I can decide myself in which department I will take up my next project, enabling me to individually develop my personal and professional skills.

Programme: For me personally, IGP is a unique programme: it creates a structure that helps me develop both on the personal and professional level and at the same time shape my future within innogy SE: my mentor supports me in finding my own path within the company and opens doors for me along the way. Furthermore, seminars and feedback days supplement the project tasks and help me expand my horizon.

What is your personal advice to other applicants for this programme?

Be yourself! Show your enthusiasm and commitment and your desire to contribute.

Facts and figures

Number of places 8 participants
Duration 18 months
Number of projects/stations 5 to 6 projects, at least one project abroad
Programme start date once a year, on 1 October
Application procedure

1. online application

2. online assessment and phone interview

3. selection days in Essen (including interview)


– above average exam results (degree: Matser or higher)
– international experience and first practical experience (e.g. internships)
– international outlook and cultural awareness
– strong focus on results and strong analytical skills
– a high degree of self-initiative and team spirit
– good command of English and German


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