VSD Slovensko trainee programme

Two young men look at a list. Trainees at VSD Slovensko are an integral part of the team right from the start.
The VSD Slovensko trainee programme (SLO) takes individual skills and personal preferences into account.

Highly educated and with #PIONIERGEIST

#PIONIERGEIST is in the air in Slovakia. Meeting point: Východoslovenská distribučná, a.s. (VSD, a.s.). We’re an innogy subsidiary and a large Slovakian energy utility. Since we want to shape the energy transition with the best talent out there, we have created a trainee programme that gives the movers and shakers of tomorrow the space they need to develop further. People like you! You will gain inside knowledge of our most important divisions. You’ll become an integral part of our team from the minute you start.
You will be the one who decides what you do and where you will do it during your time here. Project stations are selected according to your skills and personal preferences. And since we know that you do not like to stand still, you will have the opportunity to be deployed on placements abroad and to partake in individual training seminars. By the way: throughout your entire time with us a mentor will be there to support you. Your prospects: there is a good chance that we will offer you a suitable and well-paid permanent position immediately after you’ve successfully completed the trainee programme.

Experience reports

Vladimir Imrich

M.Sc., Electrical Power Engineering

What has been the highlight of your trainee programme so far?

Spending time in every department I will cooperate with later on and helping them with their job.

Please give us some more details. What is the quintessence?

Entering a company right after finishing my studies meant that I was faced with a lot of challenges. New schedule, new tasks and new people – and everything is done in cooperation between different departments. I spent time in every department I expect to collaborate with in the future. The more extensive the collaboration with a certain department is expected to be, the more time I spent in it. In this way I was able to see how my requests are processed and, in turn, where the output of my own work was used. I was able to see from both sides where conflicts between the objectives of different departments could arise and to ask the colleagues what I could do to prevent those situations. I spent more time with different colleagues and got to know them better, which now makes interacting with them much easier.

What is your personal advice to other applicants for this programme?

Use all the time you have as a trainee, don’t rush into your final position. The trainee programme gives you the opportunity to see processes from a wider perspective that you won't be able to take at a later stage in your career.


Patrik Jašňák

Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

What has been the highlight of your trainee programme so far?

I was surprised how many internal regulations can exist in a company, but later on I realised that it’s necessary in order to manage it.

Please give us some more details. What is the quintessence?

Experience that I gained during the trainee programme helps me understand how the company operates. The larger the company, the more important it becomes to solve tasks systematically. For example troubleshooting a crash of the power grid – regardless of the causes for the problem. There are several possible causes for a crash, but every employee has their allocated tasks in fixing the poles and cables. From dispatch and warehousing to electrical engineers on site. The essence I took from this is that each employee is important and an integral part of the company's structure.

What is your personal advice to other applicants for this programme?

I recommend to applicants not to be afraid to ask questions about anything connected to the operation of the company.


Facts and figures

Number of places maximum of 6 participants
Duration 12 months
Number of projects/stations 5 to 10 project stations (for 1 to 3 months each)
Programme start date 1 July 2017
Application procedure

1. online application

2. language test and test of technical knowledge

3. assessment centre

4. personal interview


– university degree, preferably in engineering, energetics mandatory
– professional experience not necessarily required
– good IT skills
– flexible and solution-oriented
– analytical and conceptual skills
– good presentation skills
– good command of languages: Slovakian mandatory, English and German an advantage


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