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Five portraits of innogy employees

innogy employee Julia Oetken perched high on a wind turbine – one of our power women featuring on International Women’s Day
innogy employee Julia Oetken – seen here doing maintenance work on an on-shore wind farm.

The term “power women” is more applicable to our female employees than in almost any other context. These five portraits will give you an idea of how much energy innogy women put into their day-to-day work in all kinds of different segments.

Diana Rauhut has an eye on the big picture

innogy employee Diana Rauhut at her desk – one of our power women on International Women’s Day
Diana Rauhut is head of B2B Steering at innogy

As head of B2B Steering and member of the divisional management team, Diana Rauhut is a real Retail all-rounder. This energy industry economist has been working for the Group for 17 years now and over that time has experienced many different workstations – from Business Development to Process Optimisation and Reorganisation to Finance and Controlling.
These days, as Rauhut casually puts it, she analyses how business customer business is doing, which means how various departments of Retail achieve the best outcomes, which products are selling well, which might need more marketing.

She creates transparency and draws conclusions from her analysis to decide which markets innogy should tap into and where the Group has scope for growth. In addition, she represents innogy on the advisory committee of the energy network “women & energy”, made up of 750 female managers in the sector all over Germany. “My work has strategic, procedural and financial aspects to it”, she says and “I can’t imagine having a more exciting job than mine in the company at the moment”.

Judith Erb provides digital drive

Judith Erb pushes digital to the next level
Judith Erb pushes digital to the next level

Judith Erb has been making quite a stir at innogy digital for the past two years. As part of the newly initiated Digital Booster programme, she expanded her digital expertise over a period of 15 months. Today she is a driving force of digital transformation in the Renewables division. "The Digital Booster programme opened the door for me to achieve new things within the Group", explains Erb, who was initially with RWE Consulting, then in internal and external communications. Now she is ready to take on a new challenge: the digital transformation of a division whose main task is to build and operate renewables plants and systems. "We actively identify business needs and drive them forward using agile methods, says Erb. She's talking about process automation, predictive maintenance, mobile applications for the plant employees etc. "With every project I absorb new user situations and technological solutions. That's what makes the work exciting and challenging."

Stefanie Marenziehn works with high pressure

innogy employee Stefanie Marenziehn – one of our power women on International Women’s Day
“An office job would never suit me anyway”, says Stefanie Marenziehn

Even as a small child, she was more familiar with the various sizes of spanner than with the usual toys her peers were interested in. Stefanie Marenziehn has worked for many years now as a plant mechanic for the supply systems of Westnetz in Brakel (NRW). She knows every nut and bolt in the gas network there and has no trouble explaining the way a gas-pressure control and monitoring station works.
She completed the three-year training at the Vocational Education Centre in Recklinghausen while passing her technical university entrance qualification at the same time. “The job is really enjoyable for me, because the work is so varied. Whether it’s reading meters or changing controllers – every day is different.” Every four weeks she is on call and has to go out at night if any problems occur. The night shifts don’t bother her at all. “An office job would never suit me anyway”.

Julia Oetken makes sure there is plenty of wind

innogy employee Julia Oetken perched high on a wind turbine – one of our power women on International Women’s Day
Nose to the wind at all times: innogy employee Julia Oetken

Julia Oetken has been working for more than two years as an engineer with innogy in the maintenance team responsible for 55 on-shore wind farms all over Germany. She leads international projects on technical and economic optimisation of wind farms. That is the office part of her job, but she also finds herself perched at dizzying heights on many days of the week, for Julia Oetken checks out our wind turbines – from bottom to rotor-bladed top. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but for her it’s a dream job. “I really do have the best of both worlds. On the one hand I have the practical work on site with the turbines, i.e. classic field work but at the same time I am responsible for projects and engineering work in an international arena. My day-to-day work is so varied as a result of this mix.”

Franziska Eickhoff plans the future of the internet

innogy employee Franziska Eickhoff – one of our power women on International Women’s Day
“We want to become a high-tech company.” Franziska Eickhoff

...or at least the internet presence of innogy. And that is only part of her job. As head of the digital team for Retail, she supports the digital transformation of the company. One of her key projects is upgrading the innogy website to include personalised and interactive elements and another is developing digital competencies and teams.
Eickhoff originally came to the Group as an intern and then moved via various stations in marketing and retail to sales management. She is sure it is a job with a future “both in terms of promotion opportunities and the variety of tasks involved. For we don’t have anything like the number of managers with digital skills that start-ups and tech companies possess. But we will definitely have to move in that direction if we want to become a high-tech company ourselves.”

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