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A man in casual business attire types on a tablet: innogy publishes a newsletter on career opportunities.
Flying high at innogy! innogy provides information on career opportunities in its KarriereEnergie newsletter.

Infos for visionaries with #PIONIERGEIST

Mostly in German language!

Do you want to help shape the energy landscape of tomorrow? Then keep up to date with our KarriereEnergie online newsletter! There, we provide all the information on your career opportunities in a modern energy company. How can you join innogy? Where can you meet us in person? How can you write a thesis that will boost your career? How can career starters manage their time efficiently? You'll receive up-to-date information for planning your career four times per year. Enjoy reading! 

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The future is up to you. #PIONIERGEIST”

The future is up to you. #PIONIERGEIST

Magazin KarriereEnergie
issue 02/2017

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Boost your carreer: #PIONIERGEIST

Boost your career: #PIONIERGEIST

InfoCard KarriereEnergie
issue 02/2017

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Post-it or podcast - what type of learner am I?

InfoCard KarriereEnergie, issue 01/2017

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Thesis as a project - smart at university, smart in the job

Magazine KarriereEnergie, issue 02/2016

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