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Our learning culture

The expertise of our employees is crucial for our company's success. However, apart from courage and ideas, #PIONIERGEIST also needs plenty of knowledge. The human brain forgets half of conventionally taught content within 20 minutes of learning it. Therefore, we are opening up new avenues at innogy. We combine different forms of learning with the 70:20:10 model and integrate them into our day-to-day work. Input that sticks.

At innogy, employees actively help shape the learning process. Here, learning means learning on the job. People acquire up to 70 per cent of their knowledge through practical experience from their daily work. Therefore, we support the exchange with colleagues and managers. Because we learn by observing others. Formal training, such as seminars or e-learning, makes up a small, but nonetheless very significant portion.

Active development at the workplace

Nothing beats practical experience. innogy employees learn sustainably and gain hands-on experience! They expand their knowledge through on-the-job training, project work or by temporarily relocating to another site or taking on a different position. In this way, they hold on to the knowledge in the long term.


You'll continue to develop in challenging projects. In this way, you'll learn a lot and, what's more, you'll learn systematically. It is also possible that you'll work on projects across the entire Group.

Job enlargement and job rotation
We know that pioneers like you love change. With job rotation your #PIONIERGEIST will stay alert. You'll get to know new divisions and colleagues and see things from different perspectives. You will relocate temporarily to a similar function in a different division. With job enrichment you'll expand your area of responsibility. The focus of job enlargement is on new tasks within the same area of responsibility.

Self-initiated learning
Pioneers are doing it for themselves. With self-initiated learning you'll actively search for new learning content yourself. And you'll look for exactly the content you need. Afterwards, you'll share what you have just learned with your colleagues and in this way expand your mutual knowledge base! 

Development through exchanging knowledge with others

Happy and motivated employees enjoy learning new things and that's important to us at innogy! In order to foster your development, we analyse concrete work situations and develop improvements for the future. 


When it comes to personal development, we do not leave our employees to their own devices, but we are always there to support them! Coaching is suitable to accompany your development process. Professional internal and external coaches provide guidance with topics such as career opportunities, taking on new leadership tasks, but also improving the personal work-life balance.  

We want our employees to carve out their own path. Therefore, we offer competent advice through a mentoring programme. Mentoring is an excellent opportunity to take on more responsibility for one's own development. The learners benefit from the expert knowledge and the experience of their mentors – in the safety of a one-to-one environment.

Knowledge is power! This applies especially to innogy, where we work on innovative solutions and future-proof products. We want every employee to benefit from the knowledge of their colleagues. In order to optimally expand the knowledge of the workforce, we utilise digital and social networks. Every innogy employee has access to these networks. 

Development through learning formats outside the job

Whether through seminars, conferences or learning software – we support our employees in their efforts to advance their personal development outside their workplace. 

Training courses, training portfolio
Our internal training portfolio is open to all employees. We know the working environment and can thus provide customised solutions. And, if ever an occasion arises where this is not possible, we help select and organise a suitable external solution.

Self-directed learning
Whether through learning software, e-books or knowledge management systems – our employees can use our learning framework for self-study or for reference. Suitable content on concrete work situations is accessible at any time.

Further development options

Digital boot camp

Digitisation is a key aspect in innogy's business. But what does that actually mean, "digital"? Intensive training in topics such as web analyses and digital marketing shows what it's all about. Perfect for all pioneers who are completely up to scratch in their field and want to discover new things. 

Inno You

With the Inno You hands-on training programme employees can develop into innovators within just a few weeks. At the end of the programme they come up with several innovation concepts that innogy implements as a prototype or pilot project. 

We foster our talents

With our talent strategy we ensure to bind and develop our valued employees in the long term. We do not just focus on the large functional divisions but we also include specialised units like Digital & Innovation. By introducing people committees, the divisions take control of identifying and developing their talents themselves. HR provides support and advice in this process. And our talents can show #PIONIERGEIST, of course, by actively helping to shape their development and making good use of the talent engagement offers.

We are looking for visionaries who get stuck in and create innovations with a wealth of ideas and courage. Does that sound like you? Then send us your application! We are looking forward to meeting you!

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