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Our learning culture

The expertise of our employees is crucial for our company's success. However, apart from courage and ideas, #PIONIERGEIST also needs plenty of knowledge. The human brain forgets half of conventionally taught content within 20 minutes of learning it. Therefore, we are opening up new avenues at innogy. We combine different forms of learning with the 70:20:10 model and integrate them into our day-to-day work. Input that sticks.

At innogy, employees actively help shape the learning process. Here, learning means learning on the job. People acquire up to 70 per cent of their knowledge through practical experience from their daily work. Therefore, we support the exchange with colleagues and managers. Because we learn by observing others. Formal training, such as seminars or e-learning, makes up a small, but nonetheless very significant portion.

Active development at the workplace

Following the 70:20:10 model, we aim to implement 70 percent of our learning culture through activities related to work experience. Interesting jobs and projects will motivate innogy employees to learn sustainably! Nothing beats practical experience.

In on-the-job-training, during project work or through occasionally transferring to other locations or positions, you will expand your know-how. This also helps you to retain your knowledge.

As part of challenging, Group-wide projects, you will continue to develop professionally and learn widely; moreover, you will learn in a systematic manner. In addition, you will proactively acquire new learning content by yourself. Pioneers take action through self-initiated learning. This means seeking out knowledge when this knowledge is necessary.

Pioneers love change. To nurture your #PIONIERGEIST we offer a system of job rotation. Switch to another department for a limited period and get to know a different perspective. Or expand your area of responsibility through job enrichment. By contrast, the primary focus of a job enlargement is on the addition of new responsibilities. 

Development through exchanging knowledge with others

Satisfied, motivated employees enjoy learning – and at innogy, we believe this is important! To guarantee this, we have allocated 20 percent to communication with others. We support your professional development by assessing specific work situations and identifying opportunities for improvement in future.

We never leave our employees to deal with their “career development” all alone – we always assist them with a programme of coaching. Your career development process will be professionally supported through an internal or external coach.

In addition to coaching, we also offer mentoring. The person in training benefits from the professional expertise and experience of their mentor – with the security of customised personal support.

Knowledge is power! We aim for each employee to benefit from the knowledge of other employees. For the optimal means of expanding the expertise of our workforce, we are counting on digital and social networks

Development through learning formats outside the job

Seminars, conferences and learning programmes account for the remaining 10 percent – a small yet important component of our learning culture. We also encourage our employees to take part in professional development activities outside the workplace.

Our internal professional development portfolio with a wide range of trainings is open to every employee. Because we are familiar with the work environment, we are able to offer customised solutions. If the right solution is not available in-house, we help employees choose and organise external courses.

As well as trainings, we also offer employees the option of self-regulated learning. With the aid of learning programmes, e-books or our new learning videos on our Lynda platform, you can learn extensively through self-study and always have the appropriate reference material handy.

Other development options and opportunities for showing #PIONIERGEIST

Digital Booster Programme

The Digital Booster Programme is a 15-month full-time development programme. The programme offers both experienced professionals and new recruits the opportunity to develop in-depth expertise in one of four specialisations: Data, Digital Marketing, Development or Design. In addition, you will acquire fundamental skills in a variety of digital fields as well as methods and soft skills. This programme not only helps you become an intrapreneur and project developer – it turns you into a digital booster for innogy.

Inno You

As a practical experience programme, Inno You offers our employees the opportunity to develop themselves outside their jobs. Working in project teams of five to six people, participants might design an energy-related business model or optimise an existing model. In the process they must focus on customer wants and needs as well as the conditions of the market and the competition. 

Within a few weeks, our employees transform from workers into innovators. This programme gives the employees the chance to channel their #PIONIERGEIST and moreover, it has given rise to a number of innovation concepts that innogy is now implementing as a prototype or pilot project. 

We foster our talents

With our talent strategy we ensure to bind and develop our valued employees in the long term. We do not just focus on the large functional divisions but we also include specialised units like Digital & Innovation. By introducing people committees, the divisions take control of identifying and developing their talents themselves. HR provides support and advice in this process. And our talents can show #PIONIERGEIST, of course, by actively helping to shape their development and making good use of the talent engagement offers.

We are looking for visionaries who get stuck in and create innovations with a wealth of ideas and courage. Does that sound like you? Then send us your application! We are looking forward to meeting you!

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