#PIONIERGEIST needs a good working climate

Innovative. Mobile. Creative.

People working at innogy are pioneers, totally committed and oozing #PIONIERGEIST. We do a lot so that you can truly give your best. With our "innogize our work" initiative we create a modern working environment that is guided by the needs of our employees. We offer numerous opportunities for achieving a good work-life balance.

Flexible working environment

Every team and every project is unique. Requirements and needs vary. Therefore, our working surroundings are just as flexible and adaptable. Our open working environment inspires and leaves plenty of space for creativity. 

You have the ideas. We'll give you the space to realise them. Whereever possible we create open office spaces with modular partitions. In this way, you'll be able to focus on your work and communicate with your colleagues. Your #PIONIERGEIST demands new things? Here you go: desk-sharing is par for the course with us. This means that you'll be able to choose your workplace and get to know new colleagues and the company quickly.

Flexible teams
Keep moving! We offer job rotation for employees who want to swap workplaces with a colleague for a while – worldwide.

Work culture workshop
Theory first, practice second. On 260 square metres you'll be able to experience the new work culture for project teams. We don't create boundaries! Partition modules and furniture can be arranged and adapted on an individual basis. The teams test agile learning formats such as scrum, design thinking and computational thinking. And they experience cutting-edge technologies like Microsoft HoloLense for conferencing or Google Jamboard as a smart collaboration solution.

Working autonomously

Flexibility rules! At innogy, employees decide themselves when they start and finish working. In the office from nine to five? Only if that's how you like it. You'll decide at what time of the day you work most efficiently. You'll be able to find out for yourself what the best working hours are for you to reconcile family, hobbies and job. Self-responsible, self-determined action is an important part of a modern, innovative working environment for innogy employees. 

Mobile work

Focussing completely on your work in the home office and yet being contactable by your colleagues. Working on the way to your job and making good use of travel time. At innogy you'll work where ever it suits you best. For us, it is the result that counts, not the time you spend in the office. 

State-of-the-art IT equipment
With cutting-edge IT equipment we create the necessary conditions for mobile, virtual work. Innovative technology enables employees, for example, to work jointly on a presentation with a colleague online or to start a video conference from home.


At innogy we believe that everyone is creative. Therefore, we create an environment that makes it possible for everyone to put their own ideas forward.

Idea Lab
#PIONIERGEIST develops ideas that drive innovations at innogy. In our Idea Lab we exchange those ideas. Here, they are introduced, shared and developed together. If an idea has plenty of potential, it will be implemented as a project at innogy.

Design thinking workshop
Sometimes a radical idea is required to solve a complex problem.
At innogy creative solutions are found during design thinking workshops. Making mistakes and learning from them is the fast track to innovation. We prototype and test ideas. Design thinking processes and a creative working environment help us generate ideas.

We are looking for visionaries who get stuck in and create innovations with a wealth of ideas and courage. Does that sound like you? Then send us your application! We are looking forward to meeting you!

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