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A young woman leans against an orange wall, smiling. innogy helps secondary-level students to find the right career.
innogy helps students to find the right job and provides plenty of information on training, education and career.

Discover your talents with innogy

After school is before the job. What are the next steps? Find out about your options with innogy! Our guidelines will help you to find the right job. 

And now, over to you!

You decide what's coming next. What you need? #PIONIERGEIST!
So: focus on your abilities. What do you like to do? What are your interests? innogy can offer you training in four promising fields. Find out which one you enjoy and suits you best!

Icon with stylised screw driver and spanner – innogy trains people in technical occupations.

Technical field

Do you like your gadgets? Do you want to use your smart phone to switch on the oven on your way home so that your pizza is ready to eat when you arrive? Do you want to control all the appliances in your home while on the road? Then a technical profession is exactly right for you! If large plants fascinate you as well and you are also passionate about renewable energy from wind and solar power, then join us! 

Icon with stylised calculator – innogy trains people in commercial professions.

Commercial sector

Planning and organising is your thing. You like to work with people. And on the computer. You don't wait for others to allocate your next task, but you take the initiative yourself. If you also have an interest in numbers, then you should choose a commercial occupation.

Icon with stylised computer screen – innogy advises secondary-level students on starting their careers.

Information technology

Your computer is your best buddy. You know the latest apps and want to become as fluent in programming languages as others are in French. You are passionate about innovations in the IT sector. Do you want to work towards managing complex IT systems and commanding vast IT knowledge? Then join us! Our colleagues in IT are looking forward to meeting you. 

Icon with stylised cutlery – innogy trains hospitality experts.


Your home is always buzzing. You are very communicative and love to cater for your friends and organise parties. You only get going when the pressure is on: planning, shopping, cooking and accommodating. You stay in control. What others consider to be stress, you call fun. You are only happy if your guests are too. People like you, with your strong organisational talent, are at home in gastronomy, the hotel business or event management. And, in contrast to the independent gastronomy sector, we can offer you regular work hours.

Here are the next steps

You have already taken the first one. You know the direction that you want your career to take. We will now show you how you can train in your profession of choice. innogy offers various options.


#PIONIERGEIST pays. You'll achieve the essential qualifications that you will need for a successful career. You'll also earn money from day one.

Maybe you want to go to university later? Then you'll find out during your vocational training what makes a company tick and you can start to build your professional network. An apprenticeship means on-the-job training. This is your opportunity to gain practical experience early on in your career.

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Entry-level qualification "I can do it!"

Have you sent lots of applications, but haven't been successful yet? Real pioneers are no strangers to occasional failure! We have developed our "I can do it!" programme to open the door to a successful career for you. 

We will actively prepare you for vocational training. Here, you will gain essential knowledge. This includes technical understanding, manual dexterity and acting decisively. Together with innogy and Westnetz you can do it!

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Dual-system studies

Do you want to implement theories, concepts and models from the outset in a real-life professional environment? Do you want to work on real machines from day one, help to plan the energy grid of the future or take part in implementing new projects? Then dual-system studies with innogy or Westnetz is the right choice for you. 

Studying with us for a degree within the dual system is anything but dry and theoretical! Regardless of whether you have already completed your vocational training, want to study at university while doing your apprenticeship or gain practical experience during your university course – innogy can offer you numerous options for your studies. We'll support you and find the solution that is best suited to your personal circumstances. Because real pioneers want to kick-start their careers! 

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Additional information

Do you have any other questions? We are happy to answer your questions on all aspects of vocational training and academic courses within the dual system.

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At innogy candidates with #PIONIERGEIST can expect cutting-edge vocational training with excellent prospects.


): A university course and vocational training at the same time? innogy offers numerous options for dual-system studies for young people with #PIONIERGEIST.

Dual system studies

innogy and Westnetz employees are happy to check your application documents at career fairs.


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