Dual-system studies

A seminar during vocational training: apprentices discuss a task.
A university course and vocational training at the same time? innogy offers numerous options for dual-system studies for young people with #PIONIERGEIST.

An excellent combination of theory and practice

Dual-system studies are a perfect combination of theory and practice. You'll study your dream subject while at the same time completing a vocational training programme at the company or you'll gain practical experience during your semester break. And you'll be twice as fit for the working world in record time. Are you motivated, hard working and ooze #PIONIERGEIST? Then learn more about our study models at innogy and our subsidiary Westnetz now!

We can offer you two models:

In the training-integrated model you'll start with vocational training. You'll commence your degree studies either at the same time or at a later date. During the day you'll work with us in the company. At night you'll study at university – sometimes also at weekends. Depending on your course, studies and vocational training may also alternate. In that case you'll be in the company for three months and then at university for the next three months. Either way: you'll complete your vocational training first. You will then stay with us for another year or a year and half until you finish your degree course. 

Your #PIONIERGEIST will pay off quickly: you'll hold your vocational training certificate as well as your Bachelor’s degree. 

With the practice-integrated model you'll usually start with the degree course. During your semester break you'll gain practical experience. You'll work with us in a fixed company location. 
The premise is the same: your #PIONIERGEIST will drive you forward. The benefit for you: university degree, salary throughout your studies and a good chance of permanent employment afterwards.

Our dual-system study programmes

Bachelor of Engineering

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Arts

Interested in dual-system studies? Great! Here you can find our current ads for available places.

Career portal

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At the end of the summer holidays, places for the following year will be advertised on our career portal. From that point in time you'll be able to apply online: with cover letter, C.V. and all recent school reports and other relevant reports. You can find the link to our application assistant under each ad.


During your vocational training or your placements in the relevant divisons you'll study at a university or academy. You can choose between different subjects for your studies. For our dual-system study programmes we collaborate with numerous universities/academies. 

Icon with stylised factory – in our plants you will learn on the job during your training at innogy.

Practical experience

Which of our divisions you'll be placed in will depend on your vocational training and/or degree course. Of course you'll continue to receive a fixed salary and holidays during the time you spend at university.

Read more about the experiences from our apprentices

Lisa Konermann

Industrial management assistant with degree course in industrial engineering and management

Brief profile of my dual study course to become an industrial engineer: 

I am a student doing a dual study course with innogy SE. As well as studying to become an industrial engineer, I am also training as an industrial clerk. In total the dual study course takes 3 years and ends with a Bachelor degree. Training as a clerk only takes two years. The course alternates between study phases at Osnabrück University and practical phases within the company. At university I am mainly doing business management and technical modules that complement the practical work of my vocational training programme really well.

What in your eyes makes this dual study course with innogy so special?

As apprentices, we have the chance to help shape our training period. We can make suggestions to our trainers about the departments we want to work in and our preferences are taken into account wherever possible. In general, I find the work more fun than the theoretical courses at university.

What to you really defines the innogy spirit?

The solidarity between apprentices is fantastic. We have a buddy scheme  for apprentices in their first and second year of vocational training. This means that, even before you start your training, you have a contact person within the company. Apprentices colleagues help with any questions you may have about your study or training and can also help you find somewhere to live. When I was looking for an apartment in Lingen, for instance, my buddy invited me to join a WhatsApp group where apartments are “listed” as they become free.

How does innogy support you with your dual study course?

The company supports us financially. As well as your salary, innogy SE also pays for your semester fees and even your office materials. During the practical phase, we can contact our trainers for help with questions at any time by email or phone. I can also manage my own working hours thanks to a glide time system that keeps things flexible for me. 

Would you recommend a training/dual study course with innogy to your friends? And if so, why?

Yes, if they don’t have a problem with having to move to a different location. You also have to keep in mind with a dual study course that those three years are really hard work – especially the exam stages. If that doesn’t put them off, innogy is the right place for them.

Have your training hopes and expectations been met? And what was something that took you completely by surprise?

My official training location is Osnabrück, but innogy SE also puts me to work in other places like Hanover and Dortmund. I didn’t expect to have so many chances to get to know other locations and departments. As dual students, we also have the opportunity to work abroad for a month despite all the rigours of a combined training and study course.

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Frequently asked questions

Here, we'll answer the questions we are most frequently asked so that you won't lose any time kick-starting your career with us.

Reasons to join innogy

Dual-system studies with innogy offer you many benefits. See for yourself!

Icon with stylised man in front of a blackboard – committed innogy mentors accompany apprentices and Masters students.

Mentoring and support

With a strong partner at your side, many things will be a lot easier for you. Therefore, mentors will support you from the outset. They are experts in their fields and know exactly how they can help you. Some are of an older vintage, others were trainees once themselves. We also want to make sure that you'll find your way around the company quickly. Therefore, we'll hold different induction events. As an apprentice or dual-system student you'll take part in an induction and team week. There, you'll learn a lot about our company – which, at that stage, will also be yours! 

Icon with stylised certificate – innogy values further training and development and supports its employees.

Development and further training

Personal development is important to us. Standing still? Not an option for movers and shakers with #PIONIERGEIST! Therefore, we continuously hold individual introduction programmes, events and seminars on various topics. In this way you'll be up to speed in project management and conducting discussions and you'll acquire a wealth of knowledge about the energy industry. Practical experience rules! If it’s a good fit, we'll also offer placements abroad during your course.

Icon with stylised van – innogy offers exciting team events.

Team events

Pioneers are not lone wolves. We work as a team! That's why we organise team events. Each of our divisions selects the events that are relevant to the respective teams. Chakka – you can do it!

Learn more about the benefits that make working at innogy so special.

Reasons to join innogy

Julia Seelhöfer

Theory alone was too boring for me. At innogy I was able to work on practical tasks and help plan a new plant straight away. That was really exciting!
Julia Seelhöfer, Industrial management assistant with studies at the FOM

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