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An instructor shows participants in the “I can do it!” programme how they can improve their manual dexterity.

With “I can do it!” innogy has created an excellent and character-building programme to prepare young people for the start of their apprenticeship with an entry-level vocational qualification.

Ambitious targets and qualified employees

Have you sent more than 50 applications and still not received an offer? Do not despair! With our “I can do it!” programme we prepare young people for their apprenticeships. It is suited especially to youths with a penchant for technical tasks and who have not found an apprenticeship place despite having successfully completed basic secondary education: we are giving them the opportunity they deserve.

We develop key skills in project work, technical understanding and manual dexterity. Visiting a vocational college is part of this process. In addition we train and support all the “soft” skills that any employer places great importance on: punctuality, reliability, commitment, team spirit, the willingness to learn and perform.

A flexible programme

During booster model 1 the participants work on joint projects in teams of six. They are accompanied by experienced instructors and gain an insight into all facets of day-to-day work. And there is still enough scope for supporting the participants individually. They can, for example, complete a placement in a different company that offers occupational training at any time. The placement experiences will form a relevant part of the entry-level qualification.

In booster model 2 young people work hand in hand with apprentices in their first year of training and will receive additional support if required. This model fosters and consolidates the participants’ existing career aspirations and gives them a chance to review their plans.

We offer the “I can do it!” programme in the following towns and cities: Arnsberg, Chemnitz, Essen, Falkenberg, Halle (Saale), Idar-Oberstein, Münster, Recklinghausen, Saffig/Plaidt, Simmern, Trier.

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I can do it!

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