From theory to practice

A young man in a tutorial room. He has decided in favour of an internship for a full semester rather than during the holidays.

Your gateway to professional life

If you want to find out how useful the knowledge you have gained is in the “real world”, then an internship at innogy is exactly the right choice for you. You are included in day-to-day business right from the start, accomplish exciting project tasks and get to know your own strengths and weaknesses better without all the pressures of carrying full responsibility.

Regardless of whether you complete your internship during your holidays or stay for a full semester – for us it is your commitment that counts rather than the duration of the internship. And who knows? Maybe you will even stay on and be lucky enough to secure one of our much sought-after course-related positions as a working student. Because we like to make talented students an interesting offer when they graduate or support them during their studies as part of our innogy Next Talents intern retention programme.

In our job ads you will find all of the vacant internship positions that you can apply for, preferably online. You can also send your application by post. If you cannot find a suitable internship position in our job ads, we look forward to receiving your speculative application.

Tips for applying for an internship at innogy

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