WorkNet – the innogy online platform for flexible working

Flexibility is one of the most important factors affecting the way we work today – innogy shows how it works 

A group photo of the developers of WorkNet: (from left) Vivian Dudek, René Klaes and Malgorzata Reis
Developers of WorkNet: Vivian Dudek, René Klaes and Malgorzata Reis (from left)

WorkNet is a unique type of online networking forum: it is customised for the employees of our Group. Anyone at RWE, innogy or one of the regional subsidiaries who is interested in doing or providing flexible work should consider WorkNet the go-to service.

The WorkNet slogan: seek, and you shall find!

With WorkNet, every employee is free to search within a closed space – anonymously if preferred – to find the best match for all kinds of flexible working models, whether this is job sharing, job rotation or even just a project.

Significantly, WorkNet is the first international work flexibility tool that is supervised by the employees – not by the HR department or the management. Most importantly: WorkNet only deals with flexible working. This distinguishes the new network from the “normal” internal job market.

“The company’s most valuable assets are its employees”

“To be attractive as an employer, we need to create future-proof, flexible job structures – and our job is to give people transparency about which options are available where,” says Malgorzata Reis, who works at innogy subsidiary iSwitch GmbH. Together with her team, Reis initiated and internally promoted the introduction of the new software at innogy.

“We believe that the company’s most valuable assets are its employees,” Reis says to sum up the purpose of the project. This is why the new WorkNet offers employees huge opportunities: “The more satisfied and motivated the employees are, the better the company’s performance. WorkNet can make a significant contribution to this with its unique transparency and uncomplicated setup.”

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