Street lights become Smart Poles

Extra services through extra functionality

When darkness falls, street lights help us find our way – more than nine million of them in Germany. They hold enormous potential. What if they, as well as emitting light, could also charge e-cars, provide free WiFi and make public spaces safer? Then simple street lights would become multi-functional, networked Smart Poles. They help local authorities, energy utilities and companies to overcome the challenges ahead. We have developed Smart Poles and look after their installation, operation and maintenance. Our customers can choose between completely new poles or upgrading existing ones with smart systems.

What can Smart Poles do?

Infographic: exemplary scenarios for intelligent lightpoles on public streets

Street lights are suited to a smart infrastructure for several reasons:

  1. They are everywhere – in the streets, in public spaces and in car parks.
  2. They are connected to the power grid and some to the internet.
  3. Their light is indispensable for municipalities and companies.

6 good reasons for Smart Poles

Connectivity pictogramme


54 million Germans use smartphones. Public internet connection points are more in demand than ever before. This is where Smart Poles come into play – in particular in conurbations and rural areas where the mobile data network needs to be improved anyway. At the same time they are important bases for 5G-networks, the next generation of mobile phone and data networks.

Car pictogramme


The future belongs to electric vehicles. They need more public charging points in order to be used even more widely. Therefore it is possible to charge vehicles at our Smart Poles.

Info pictogramme


General or targeted ads that are relevant to customers or citizens can be displayed on LED screens.

Piggy bank pictogramme

Cost efficiency

Street lights in need of modernisation incur high costs. The LED lights used in the Smart Poles save municipalities, energy utilities and companies money.

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Our intelligent street lights provide security though integrated cameras and panic buttons. They also help improve traffic management and enable smart parking.

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In order for the energy transition to succeed, municipalities must achieve their emission targets too. Smart Poles can help to achieve this – for example with environmental sensors that measure the particulate content of the air.

"Owners and operators of smart street lights benefit beyond their mere functionality by being perceived as pioneers of technology and sustainability."

Bernhard Lüschper, Head of Smart Pole Factory at innogy

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