How towns and cities become smarter

Innovative formats change our lives in the long term and make modern towns and cities more efficient, technologically advanced and greener.

When darkness falls, street lights help us find our way – more than nine million of them in Germany. They hold enormous potential. What if they, as well as emitting light, could also charge e-cars, provide free WiFi and make public spaces safer? Then conventional, non-descript street lights become intelligent, networked Smart Poles. They help local authorities, energy utilities and businesses to overcome the challenges ahead. We have developed Smart Poles and, as integrators, look after the management of theses complex systems.


Street lights possess unique characteristics that can make them the backbone of an intelligent infrastructure.

They are everywhere

They are everywhere – in the streets, in public spaces and in car parks.

They are networked

They are connected to the power grid and some to the internet.

They are indispensable

Their light is indispensable for municipalities and businesses.

Equipping street lights with sensor technology makes it possible to provide intelligent services

Infographic: Equipping street lights with sensor technology makes it possible to provide intelligent services

Using street lighting as infrastructure, which makes it possible to provide a range of intelligent services for local authorities and citizens as well as for businesses and their customers.

Examples of use and benefits

Street lighting is the ideal infrastructure for networking different innovative technologies.

Lighting & e-mobility

Digital products based on street lighting make it possible to design urban environments intelligently. With functions that are integrated directly into the light pole, we provide a multifunctional solution for our customers that can be equipped with different modules for light, charging electric vehicles or WiFi according to their needs.


With WiFi functionality we fulfil the increasing demand for connectivity everywhere we go. In this way, towns and cities can improve their image as a modern place to live in or visit, while businesses can offer their employees or customers WiFi connectivity. We provide a high-quality and secure WiFi product that can be flexibly adapted to meet our customers’ needs.

Smart parking

Our sensor technology for the street lights enables effective monitoring of parking spaces. In this way, we can suggest free parking spaces, which helps both local authorities and business customers manage their parking areas more effectively and efficiently. At the same time, we help urban areas on their way to becoming Smart Cities!

Digital information and advertising

We equip street lights with screens that display street information for citizens and tourists. Advertisements promoting the local economy can also be placed. In addition, we simplify the booking process via a digital shop solution that is accessible to all.

Flow of movement

By fitting the street lights with sensors, we enable them to capture flows of movement. In this way, we support local authorities and business customers in understanding areas with a high footfall and optimising them.

Enviromental data

With our environmental solution we can transform existing infrastructure into measuring infrastructure covering a particular area. In this way, local authorities can gain detailed insights into their environmental problem areas, generate forecasts and simulate the effects of potential measures being implemented.


With our security solution we can transform existing infrastructure into security infrastructure. In this way, public and private spaces will be protected using apps and smart software packages, security is ensured, while privacy and personal rights are protected at the same time.


Bernhard Lüschper

Bernhard Lüschper

Head of Smart Pole Factory

innogy SE G&I
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45128 Essen

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"Owners and operators of smart street lights benefit beyond their mere functionality by being perceived as pioneers of technology and sustainability."

Bernhard Lüschper, Head of Smart Pole Factory at innogy

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Bochum becomes smarter

The innogy Smart Pole Factory is looking forward to its latest pilot project: Bochum becomes smarter – as the first pilot city for intelligent street infrastructure, Bochum is getting Smart Poles. The official launch took place on 2 November 2018. Read here for more information on what exactly this entails. Click the download link for more information.