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Adding value to your business premises

Where does your customer experience start? We believe that customer experience starts even before customers enter your store. With our solutions we help you make sure to gain positive experience at every single touchpoint while keeping it energy- and cost-effective. Increase the sense of security of your customers by adding security cameras and emergency button while protecting your property against vandalism and burglary.

Smart Parking solutions increase comfort by preventing customers from being stressed and extend the time they spend in your store. Efficient parking that does not require a long search makes for a pleasant stay and often determines where visitors prefer to spend time.
Digital Signages let your customers know about your latest offers and promotions and visualise the customer experience from the beginning on.


What else solutions can we provide for your smart business?

Smart solutions allow you to create added value for your customers, which will have a positive effect on your turnover. You can offer drivers of electric cars to charge during their stay. Free Wi-Fi and digital signages enable you to stay connected with them. Security solutions amongst other things they prevent vandalism, littering and theft.

Deploying smart technologies in outdoor areas highly depends on your requirements and needs. Together with you we outline your individual store vision and gradually bring your smart solutions to life supporting you from project management to operational services.

What options do exist for installing smart infrastructure?

innogy offers two options for smart business solutions.You can equip existing infrastructure with different modules, including:

  • Smart Parking
  • Air quality measurement
  • Wi-Fi
  • Digital Signages communicating store information and advertisements
  • Smart People Counting / Smart Traffic Counting
  • Security

Besides, we offer our multifunctional lighting solution. Constela 23 IQ combines efficient LED lighting, electric charging points and Wi-Fi in an attractive and modern design. Our multifunctional light is a modular build and can be configured to meet your needs.


Features of innogy’s multifunctional lighting solution

High performance2.4/5 GHz  Wi-Fi access point GDPR-compliant 

22 kW charging point for fast charging electric cars

Energy-efficient LED light with configurable periscopic lenses


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Bernhard Lüschper

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