Smart Poles: functionality for any need

Three questions for Bernhard Lüschper, Head of Smart Pole Factory at innogy

Interview with Bernhard Lüschper

What is the Smart Pole Factory?

The Smart Pole Factory bundles all skills from the area of (smart) street lighting within innogy. The focus is on innovative applications, based on retrofitting old lights or new lights. We develop and manufacture our products either together with our partners or they are made by companies that innogy holds a share in. We have entered into partnerships with hardware manufacturers and companies from various sectors, for example the advertising and security industries and also data-driven start-ups.

How did the Smart Pole Factory develop intelligent street lights?

The Smart Pole Factory drives product development in interdisciplinary teams with agile methods. We include all relevant stakeholders – from customers and partners to suppliers – in the product development process. We are currently still looking for attractive municipalities, energy utilities and business customers with whom we will be able to develop our products further and pilot them.

Why are intelligent street lights a solution for me?

Counter question: what do you need as a customer? Because our solutions are tailored to the individual customers. In general it can be said, however, that intelligent street lights, either as retrofitted lights or new models, are interesting for many customers due to the manifold possible areas of use. Municipalities, energy utilities and business customers will benefit from the availability of practical functionalities, of course. It is possible, for example, to offer open Wifi connections or a mobile data network to people living in the vicinity of the lights or passers by. Depending on requirements we can add optional functionalities such as interactive advertising spaces, charging solutions for e-vehicles, parking management systems and video surveillance. With our modular Smart Pole technology, product specifications can be tailored exactly to the needs of the individual customers. However, owners and operators of smart street lights benefit beyond their mere functionality by being perceived as pioneers of technology and sustainability. Because with all these technical details we must not forget that the reason for offering these functionalities is always a concrete current or future need of end-customers.

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