Corporate Procurement

Corporate Procurement

Corporate Procurement pools all international procurement activities across innogy SE (exceptions: procurement of major projects such as wind farms. Organisationally, Corporate Procurement consists of the procurement organisations of innogy SE in Germany, UK and the Netherlands as well as the procurement organisations in East Europe associated via a "solid line". Furthermore Corporate Procurement is responsible for the functional management of other procurement organisations of the German regional companies.

Please find below our main contacts:

Main contact

Photo of Frank Werner

Frank Werner

CPO innogy SE

Procurement Strategy & Processes

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Contacts of the specific departments

Photo of Martin Behn

Martin Behn

Procurement East Europe
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Photo of Kay Peter Lorenz

Kay Peter Lorenz


Grid & Infrastructure

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Photo of Jürgen Weber

Jürgen Weber

Procurement Material & IT
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Photo of Dirk Schröder

Dirk Schröder

Procurement Services
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Photo of Gregor Golland

Gregor Golland

Procurement Retail
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Photo of Michael Veeser

Michael Veeser

Procurement Renewables
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