All innogy events

At a glance: the events at which you can experience innogy’s regional social activities.

Date Name of the event City Your contact person
10.10.-14.10. IEC general meeting Frankfurt Claudia Bremer
10.10.-21.10. Kids' holiday tour "Skater Camp" Region Münster Brigitte Vogt
21.10.-23.10. Backingmobile at the opening of the energy shop Recklinghausen Beate Linde
27.10. LED's RUN Essen Sarah Schaffers
30.10. Grand opening of Essen illumination weeks Essen Przemek Przybylla
30.10.-08.01. Essen illumination weeks Essen Przemek Przybylla
05.11. Regional campaign at the Herzwoche 2016 Eitorf Christoph Brombach
07.11.-08.11. VDE-Kongress Frankfurt Brigitte Vogt
Januar 2017 Announcement of innogy climate protection award winners Entire region Brigitte Vogt
20.01.-06.03. Essen on Ice Essen Przemek Przybylla
20.01.-22.01. Grand opening of Essen Grüne Hauptstadt 2017 Essen Sebastian Ackermann
07.02.-09.02. e-world energy & water Essen Sebastian Ackermann
Ab April 2017 E-Oldie on Tour again Entire region Sarah Schaffers
April bis Juli 2017 Innogy schools relay race NRW Teresa Jäschke
10.07.-12.07. Special Olympics Neuss Iris Ridder

Come join us, innogy is looking forward to seeing you!