Networking towards an electric future

innogy, your e-mobility partner

innogy is driving electric mobility forward with innovative ideas and strong partners. The roads of the future will be populated by many electric vehicles (EV) and they’ll need a close-knit network of charging stations, both private and public. It is our mission to ensure that the energy powering this fundamental change in the world of mobility is eco-friendly and sustainable – so all of our charging stations rely on renewable energy only. 

Working closely with more than 100 partners, both German and international, we operate the largest network of public charging stations for EV in Germany and are represented in over 20 European countries. Our smart charging stations are intuitive and easy to use. No contracts needed, payment options include PayPal and credit cards. 

Our technology, IT solutions and services will play a large role in shaping the future of electric mobility. All over Europe, many private customers rely on us, as do numerous large corporations. 

Drive towards sustainability

innogy: reliably renewable

Electric vehicles (EV) are the world’s chance to switch to a clean and sustainable form of mobility. EVs are silent and produce no direct CO2 emissions. With our policy of relying exclusively on renewable energy sources for our network of public charging stations, we do our bit in reducing all CO2 emissions everywhere. 

Creating electric connections

Share&Charge and eWallet – meeting e-mobility needs with new business models

Just like Airbnb has fundamentally changed the way we travel, innogy Innovation Hub’s start-up company Share&Charge works on altering the way we drive and refuel. The company’s new “Share&Charge” app connects EV drivers and private charging station owners.  

Charging station owners can enter their private stations on an interactive map. EV drivers can then contact the owners to recharge their electric vehicle – be it in a private driveway or in a retail store’s parking lot. This greatly expands the available e-mobility infrastructure. Station owners can determine their own rates. Billing is also conveniently handled by the app.

Experts at the innogy Innovation Hub are also working on a new innovative digital car payment system using block chain technology. “Car eWallet” will enable cars to automatically pay highway tolls, parking or EV charging fees. Owners will simply receive a notification of the payment. The balance can be topped up via a mobile app or by using the home computer. 

Such technology will be built directly into the car in future, negating the need to use a smartphone. innogy are currently discussing options for this with various car makers and subcontractors.

There are numerous possibilities for using Car eWallet to make life easier – be it as a simple billing system for car-share or car rental clients, or for charging EVs. It could also be used as a method for delivering bulky mail to a recipient’s car. A code printed on the parcel would open the boot while the car itself remains secured. The list of potential options for using Car eWallet goes on.

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