Electrify your business

innogy makes e-mobility simple

innogy offers a suitable e-mobility solution for all kinds of businesses.

innogy creates the technology and the products that make the every-day operation of electric vehicles (EV) simpler and more convenient. With our long experience, innovative approach and tailored solutions that meet all of their e-mobility needs, we have become the preferred technology partner for major German companies, such as car manufacturer Daimler, the global chemistry company BASF, the supermarket discount chain ALDI SÜD and autobahn service provider Tank & Rast, who has equipped 160 of their service areas with our public charging stations.

Working closely with more than 100 both German and international partners, we operate the largest network of public charging stations for electric vehicles (EV) in Germany and are represented in more than 20 European countries. Part of our mission is to expand the e-mobility infrastructure and help you transform the parking spaces you provide at your company, at your retail store or for guests at your restaurant or hotel into opportunities for EV charging.

Enhance your brand and position yourself as a business of the future by enabling your employees, customers and guests to recharge their EVs while they are at work, out shopping or enjoying your hospitality. 


A greener fleet of business vehicles

Working to make electric mobility the norm: innogy provides companies with easy-to-use charging solutions.

Busting operational bureaucracy

More and more companies are adding electric vehicles to their fleets. This reduces operating expenses and CO2 emissions as well as overall maintenance costs. It also positions the company, from both an employee and customer perspective, as a green leader that takes sustainability seriously.

With our tailor-made solutions, innogy helps companies to keep their clean fleets fully charged – without unnecessary bureaucracy. Our charging technology is easy to operate and meets the highest standards, providing detailed data as to who charged which car when and where and how much, in formats that can be easily processed by your company’s systems. Employees can access the network with their ID cards, company smartphones or via intelligent charging cables (Plug & Drive). Separate billing is provided should an employee recharge a company EV at home.

In southern Germany, we have built and operate a network of close to 600 smart charging stations for car manufacturer Daimler AG at all of their sites in and around Stuttgart. All employees can use this infrastructure to recharge the cars of Daimler’s e-fleet, as well as their private EVs.

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