Brechfa Forest West Onshore Wind Farm

Wind energy from Wales

Brechfa West Wind Farm Community Fund

Brechfa Forest West Wind Farm will deliver a community fund of £459,200 per annum. This index-linked funding will be available for the lifetime of the wind farm, expected to be up to 25 years, resulting in total fund in excess of £11 million. Now that the wind farm is fully operational the community fund is open to receive applications.

A report detailing how the fund will be structured and managed, and also summarising the results of innogy’s 2017 community consultation, is now available here in English and in Welsh. If you would like to receive a hard copy of this report please email: Alternatively you can read on for a brief summary below. 

How to apply for funding

Innogy has awarded the contract to manage the fund to Antur Teifi. For an application pack please visit Antur Teifi’s website or contact them on Tel 01239 710238 or email:

Which communities will benefit?

During the 2017 community consultation an initial area of benefit for the Local Community Fund was proposed. This initial area has been adopted, you can view the map here. Importantly, projects based outside of the 6km area will also be considered if they can demonstrate that they provide significant benefit to the communities within this area.

Initially only the Local Community Fund will be open for applications but at a later date a Regional Fund will also be launched.  When that fund is available we will include more information here and on Antur Teifi’s website.  In the meantime, for more detailed information about the overall structure of the funds, please read our report here in English or in Welsh.

How to get involved

We are now looking for people who live, work or volunteer in the area of benefit for the local fund to apply for a voluntary position on the grants panel that will decide on awards from the local fund. To receive an application pack or to discuss this opportunity, please contact Antur Teifi on 01239 710238, email or visit their website. The closing date for applications is Friday 3rd August 2018.

Innogy has also invested in the services of a part time Development Officer, Aled Vaughan Owen, to support the community to develop projects that might apply to the fund. Aled will be making contact with as many people as possible in the community over the coming months, he will also be exploring the priorities identified in previous consultations and finding out if there is a desire to develop these into projects that deliver for the local community. If you would like to talk to him please get in touch Tel: 07792 693874 or email:

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